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Minnette Le Roux
Principal Environmental Specialist
Head of Environment Dept.

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Minnette Le Roux is a Principal Environmental Specialist and Head of the Environmental Department at Nupen Staude de Vries Incorporated. She obtained her B.Sc. Hons degree from the University of Pretoria and has more than 13 years experience in environmental management and the consultancy field. 

She is a registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) and a registered Professional Natural Scientist  (Pr.Sci.Nat) in the fields of Environmental Science and Conservation Science. She is also a board member of the Environmental Assessment Practitioner Association of South Africa (EAPASA), chairperson of the EAPASA Registration Committee, member of the EAPASA Quality and Standards Committee and a member of the International Association of Impact Assessment South Africa.

Minnette has extensive integrated environmental management experience in the industrial, construction, agriculture and mining sectors, including amongst other; Environmental Impact Assessments, Scoping Reports, Basic Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Management Programmes, Integrated Water Use Licence Applications, Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans, Waste Tyre Abatement plans, Biodiversity Action Plans, Screening Reports, Gap-Analysis, Due diligence reports, Waste Management Licence Applications, Mining and Prospecting Right Applications and various other Application forms as part of the Environmental Application Process. She also has experience in Environmental Management Programme Report Performance Assessments and Environmental Authorisation Compliance Audits, Legal Compliance Audits, Water Use Licence Compliance Audits, Regulation GN 704 Audits and Environmental Management Systems Audits (ISO 14001), Applications for exclusion of a waste stream or a portion of the waste stream from the definition of waste, Legal reviews, EMPr Peer reviews, and technical input and involvement in Legal opinions and reviews, and Greenhouse Gas verification reports.

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