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The Construction Law services we provide help ensure our clients’ projects proceed without pricey delays, whilst remaining fully compliant. We can assist operationally too, offering day-to-day commercial management, should you require it, once the up-front negotiations and legal groundwork have been covered in accordance with FIDIC and NEC contract stipulations.

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Services offered:

  • Drafting NEC3 / FIDIC and JBCC negotiating contracts

  • Assist with preparing and negotiating the commercial terms of tenders for NEC3 / FIDIC and JBCC contracts

  • Complete and review contract data for NEC3 / FIDIC and JBCC contracts pre-contract award

  • Commercially manage construction contracts and ensure commercial compliance during the duration of the contract

  • Provide suite of templates for each standard form contract

  • Draft, prepare and argue adjudication and arbitral disputes across NEC3 / FIDIC and JBCC contracts

  • Obtain urgent interdicts against persons who disrupt and/or interfere with construction activities

  • Obtain court orders for the enforcement of adjudication decisions

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