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Partner with corporate and commercial A-listers

We have considerable expertise and experience in corporate, commercial and tax matters. In this regard, we assist our clients who are seeking to expand their business, whether in the local market, in Africa or globally. We further advise our clients on how best to navigate the regulatory climate, both from a practical and legal perspective, in order to achieve our client’s overall desired intent and implement strategic transactions for, and on behalf of, our clients.

Corporate and commercial services offered:

  • Advising on the structuring of a proposed transaction

  • Drafting, negotiating and preparation of transaction agreements, including shareholder agreements, memoranda of incorporation, sale agreements, joint-venture agreements, funding agreements, memoranda of understanding, term sheets, offer letters, supply agreements and offtake agreements, and internal restructure documents, to name a few

  • Drafting of ancillary documentation as may be required to implement a transaction, including internal corporate approval documents such as board notices, board packs, board resolutions, shareholder notices and shareholder resolutions

  • Advising on structuring of employment incentive schemes, both from a corporate commercial and tax perspective, and the preparation of all transaction agreements required to implement such employment incentive schemes

  • Providing advice in respect of corporate governance related matters, including corporate governance as may be applicable in terms of the Companies Act, the King Codes of Governance, both on a holding company and subsidiary level

  • Advising on all tax related matters concerning any corporate commercial transaction, including how best to implement a transaction in order to prevent tax leakages and implement a transaction in the most tax efficient manner

  • Conducting a full due diligence investigation into the business and affairs of an entity pursuant to an underlying transaction

  • Conducting internal due diligence investigations where a client may be seeking to understand whether such client is compliant with applicable legislation

  • Identifying potential areas of risk applicable to our clients in an underlying transaction and advising how to mitigate such risk

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