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Lili Nupen
Mining/Environmental focus

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Lili can WhatsApp the Head of Legal for the DMRE one day, and sit in union meetings to secure a workable solution the next. Her ability to place equal importance on everyone at the table (and beyond), makes her one of the most beloved legal advisors in the industry.

Lili has extensive experience in the environmental and mining legal regulatory arena.  Previously, Lili was at Bowmans and a director of Malan Scholes Attorneys.  She has a deep understanding of the South African mining industry and has practical experience working on transactions involving both international and local mining companies throughout South Africa and Africa.

One of the key differentiators for Lili and NSDV is their focus on nurturing their close relationships with government, private sector, and unions. NSDV takes pride in playing well together, it’s why clients work with NSDV and what Lili feels is critically lacking in the mining sector.

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