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Opinion | How COP26 Agreements may Affect SA's Coal Industry

Developed nations pledged to significantly increase money to help developing countries deal with making the switch to clean and renewable energy and the adverse effects of climate change. South Africa and other developing nations were happy to be told that the $100-billion in incentives promised during the 2009 COP event in Copenhagen would be fully paid out by 2025. Developing countries were also offered the prospect of a trillion-dollar-a-year fund from 2025.

To further understand all that happened at COP26 in securing a global net-zero future and South Africa’s coal mining industry, SA Mining spoke to Minnette Le Roux, a principal environmental specialist and head of the environmental department at NSDV.

“Severe impacts of global warming at 2°C have become clear, rather than the Paris limit of 1.5°C warming. Some major highlights of the COP26 are to keep the goal of 1.5°C warming alive by implementing greater actions and taking immediate steps to reduce global emissions.

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