Nicolas Marsay
Principal: B-BBEE, Economic Development & Localisation

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Nicolas is an experienced Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, Economic Development and Localisation advisor. Nicolas has worked with business across the size spectrum from starts to multi-national corporations. He has an excellent strategic ability with special skill in complex problem resolution. He is able to think big and deduce effective strategies to execute opportunities. He is excellent analytically. 
An entrepreneur at heart, Nicolas has started many businesses in his career, his first business being at the age of 6. 
At the start of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Program, Nicolas founded EDPlatform. During his time there, he personally put Economic Development strategies in place that won 26% of all megawatts allocated to date. He successfully exited in 2016.
Nicolas has developed successful BEE scorecard improvement strategies for Multinationals, taking them from non-compliant to level 1. 
Nicolas mentors young entrepreneurs and is passionate about seeing each of them develop.