Mark Gilbert
Chief Executive Officer
Advisory focus

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Mark leads Africa’s first fully integrated law and consultancy firm specialising in mining, construction, and the environment. As legal and business operations blend and blur – Mark provides clients with consultation and commercialised intellectual property on every aspect of mining…everything but the actual digging.

Currently leading a 1-year project with Anglo Gold who want to work with the Government to create a legal framework to develop the domestic mining supply chain industry (instead of importing all consumables we should be producing and buying in SA from SA). The team has been tasked with following the Motor Industry Dev Plan that successfully saw investment and a now booming car industry in SA.

Another client who wants to farm cannabis approached NSDV to put a project plan together. NSDV will lead every part of the process from research to supplier tracing, financial modelling, legal advice and raising of capital,

Mark likes to eat what he cooks and applies his economics and business skillset to manage his Gold mining operations where ‘people first’ is their shiniest hallmark of success.