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We won’t fob your case off to a different team or paralegal. Instead, we work directly with our clients, so the specialist expertise and dedication you pay for are exactly what you’ll get.

What’s yours is yours. What’s ours is mine.

We own and operate our own mine. That means we eat our own cooking, so to speak (it’s delicious). It also means we have hands-on experience when it comes to anything and everything mining related. Whether it’s a logistical challenge, a contract negotiation, a supplier dispute, community and staff engagement, or a compliance issue.

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Carpe Indemnity

Lawyers aren’t usually known for having a seize-the-day sort of disposition, but at NSDV we like to separate who we are from what we offer. When co-founders Lili Nupen, Cameron Staude and Sonia de Vries first launched their boutique firm, they did so with years of Construction, Commercial, Mining and Environmental Law experience behind them. However, it is their less formal and more practical, “hands-on” approach that continues to set them apart.

Like what you’re reading?

NSDV is actually comprised of three businesses, each specialising in a particular field. With a single point of contact, however, one phone call can give you access to the services of NSDV Risk Advisory, NSDV Corporate Advisory and NSDV Inc.

When you come to us for legal advice, our experts will analyse your operation from every relevant perspective, identifying areas that could be made to function more optimally.


NSDV Risk Advisory provides Risk Assessment, Risk Management and Risk Mitigation support.


NSDV Inc is a specialist mining, environmental, corporate and construction law firm.


NSDV Corporate Advisory offers world-class Strategic, Financial and Corporate Finance expertise, along with Community Strategy offerings and other turn-key solutions.

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Our corporate advisory team is comprised of ex C-suite executives,
senior bankers and market risk experts. Regardless of the size of your business, they’d love to help you expand it.


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